Victoria White Berger

Fake Heroes

Now we have this guy who lives in Florida and drives a MAGA van around and posts dud bombs to Leftie figures. Is it true? Who knows. What isn’t true is that this equates to Democratic heroism. At best, it’s pathetic, both for the Florida guy, whoever he is and whoever is or is not behind him, and at worst it is…well, also pathetic. Pathetic to be, like NY’s Cuomo, grabbing for a bomb which never got to you, just to be in the news, pathetic for Schumer to, NOW, talk about taming political rhetoric, and WAY pathetic for CNN, Mr. Hateface Brennan, et al, to be saying that this is the President’s fault. Pathetic, and seriously stupid. Out of touch. Americans have had this crap up to their eyeballs.

Posted 3 weeks ago

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