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Fake Heroes

Now we have this guy who lives in Florida and drives a MAGA van around and posts dud bombs to Leftie figures. Is it true? Who knows. What isn’t true is that this equates to Democratic heroism. At best, it’s pathetic, both for the Florida guy, whoever he is and whoever is or is not behind him, and at worst it is…well, also pathetic. Pathetic to be, like NY’s Cuomo, grabbing for a bomb which never got to you, just to be in the news, pathetic for Schumer to, NOW, talk about taming political rhetoric, and WAY pathetic for CNN, Mr. Hateface Brennan, et al, to be saying that this is the President’s fault. Pathetic, and seriously stupid. Out of touch. Americans have had this crap up to their eyeballs.

Posted 6 weeks ago

Message To Select Older Women in Power

Most of you no longer have living mothers, or fathers, but one wonders what these past figures central to your success and growth might say: “Lower the volume? Don’t be mean and inaccurate in speech? Wear clothing that is becoming first and au courant last?  Remember that you will not be alive forever. You might consider the great value of a little time spent now in retrospection and preparation for what comes next, whatever that might be (n.b. better not assume that there will be no ‘what comes next’). Vulgarity, vanity, habitual dishonesty, greed and  overweening ambition are not even attractive in youth, and much less so in age.”

Perhaps most importantly, “Do not be dismissive of those of the opposite sex, as you regularly have need of their historically noted virtues and abilities. Don’t forget Chicken Little.”

Posted 8 weeks ago

Cause vs Reason

The Left can be seen as a product of a corrupted meme of Philosophy, which in its post-classical anti-moral majority has abandoned reason for cause. The Left is all about victims. This variety of victim is someone who has been forced, per example, to slander an innocent man because his survival would cause the Left, and so herself, with pain and discouragement.

Reasons are intentional and reside in the will. They are decisions regarding which personal and individual responsibility is paramount. Does the accuser have a reason for her accusations?

No. Because a reason seated in the will must be a personal truth.

Does she have a cause? Her cause is the cause of the Left, those who always are on the lookout for someone else to blame.

Posted 11 weeks ago

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